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Share What You Grow

Several years ago, I volunteered at a community garden in California.  They have several large beds set aside for the purpose of donating the produce to local food pantries.  The whole garden participated by donating a bit extra from their plots.  It added up to hundreds of pounds of fresh garden produce every year.

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Harvesting Worm Castings – Rescuing Those Worms

An important step in harvesting worm castings is to make sure there aren’t any stray worms hanging out in the compost. Most composting worms are not a good fit for the garden. They won’t survive long unless you create an environment that meets their needs…but that’s for another post. For now, let’s rescue those stray worms. Continue reading “Harvesting Worm Castings – Rescuing Those Worms”

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Worm Castings Harvest

I harvested another tray of worm castings from my Worm Factory 360 and decided to make a video of it. This was my first time trying this sort of thing and it was definitely a big learning curve…making a video that is.  But I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  I also touch on leachate and worm migration issues that sometimes occur with these stacking systems.  Enjoy!


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Seed Starting Experiment with Vines

I’m a rule breaker in the garden…especially when it comes to when to plant what. Usually it’s by mistake. Life gets busy and I plant something when it’s way too late. Or I jump in too early knowing that I’ll be busy when I’m supposed to plant. Sometimes I push the boundaries or even just… Continue reading Seed Starting Experiment with Vines

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Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

I’ve had my compost tumbler now for about a year and this was my second harvest.  That doesn’t sound so good but for the effort I’ve put into it I’m fairly happy.  I could have harvested the first batch a good month or two earlier than I did.  It was forgotten about for a while. … Continue reading Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest