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This Year’s Homeschool Record Keeping Plan

A new year means the perfect chance to change some things up and try something new.  The tools I use to schedule our school year are changing.  Our state doesn’t require anything in terms of record keeping but I still like to keep track of what we plan to do and what we’ve actually done. … Continue reading This Year’s Homeschool Record Keeping Plan

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2016-2017 2nd Grade Line Up

We’re planning on starting 2nd grade this week and I’m sprinting to the finish line of organizing for the coming year.  It seemed like a big jump from kinder to 1st grade in the amount of work and it feels like another big jump as we head into 2nd grade.  We’re changing some things up… Continue reading 2016-2017 2nd Grade Line Up

Compost · Garden

Compost Tumbler Update

I unloaded my first batch of compost from my compost tumbler last week. I started loading it up back in February.  It took me several weeks to fill it because this thing is huge!  I kept filling it as the kitchen scrapes and yard waste started decomposing.  It was really hard to stop and just… Continue reading Compost Tumbler Update

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Animal Mini Book Project

We recently started using the Jot it Down program from Brave Writer for part of Language Arts. It has turned out to be a much better fit for Storyteller. I’ve been very pleased with the work she’s done and the effort she’s put into these projects. Her most recent project was an animal mini-book. There… Continue reading Animal Mini Book Project


UPDATED – Sonlight A vs. Bookshark K Comparison

Last year I was undecided between Sonlight and Bookshark. I had been expecting to use Sonlight Core A but then Bookshark came onto the homeschool scene. It is often described as the secular version of Sonlight. They are sister companies but it appears that describing Bookshark as a secularized Sonlight isn’t as straight forward as… Continue reading UPDATED – Sonlight A vs. Bookshark K Comparison

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Butterfly Resources

Last year we hatched our own butterflies and it was such a hit that we’re doing it again!  Recently, I’ve been going back over some of the activities we did and books we read last year. I’ve also been looking for some new ideas for this year. I thought I’d share our favorites that the… Continue reading Butterfly Resources