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New Compost Tumbler

I have been composting with worms for two years now and I absolutely love it! I much prefer vermicomposting over the regular compost pile. However, worms do have a few limitations in terms of certain foods that should be avoided and I wanted another way to compost those kitchen scraps. And it just doesn’t feel… Continue reading New Compost Tumbler

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Outdoor Vermicomposting in the Hot Summer

When the weather was turning colder, I wrote about how to keep your worm friends warm through the winter. Now that the heat of the summer is here, it’s time to tackle the opposite issue. I keep my worm composting bin outdoors year round even in our hot summers in the Mojave Desert. It took… Continue reading Outdoor Vermicomposting in the Hot Summer

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Vermicomposting Moisture Levels

This is one of the problems I ran into when first starting my worm compost bin. I had read that the bedding and food material should be damp like a wrung out sponge. That is correct. But I had also read from many sources that extra water is usually not needed because the moisture from… Continue reading Vermicomposting Moisture Levels

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Winners and Losers – Fall Season 2014

We are lucky to be able to grow food all year round here in Southern Nevada. Most people break down the year into three garden seasons with a cool season in the spring and fall and the warm season in the summer. Sometimes the two cool seasons just run into one long season especially if… Continue reading Winners and Losers – Fall Season 2014

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Protect Your Worm Compost Bin from the Cold

It’s going to getting really chilly here in the next week so it’s a good time to start thinking about how to protect our worm friends from the cold. Now, here in Southern Nevada when I say cold I mean it’ll get down around freezing overnight. Yes, it does happen from time to time and… Continue reading Protect Your Worm Compost Bin from the Cold

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Worm Compost Bin Expansion

After several years of wanting to start vermicomposting, I finally jumped in this year.  I hesitated for so long because we live in a climate that is supposedly very hostile for worm composting.  Several locals I know keep their bins indoors to protect the worms from our hot summers but I didn’t want to venture… Continue reading Worm Compost Bin Expansion