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Frost Protection For Gardens

We have mild winters here but it can get cold enough overnight that some of our plants need protection. Sometimes it can seem like a hassle but the payoff is that we can grow food year round. With a little planning, we can eat from our gardens every day of the year. Here is a… Continue reading Frost Protection For Gardens

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Melon Success

I have finally had some success this season with growing melons. The watermelons haven’t been doing that well and I was way off on the timing of the first one we harvested. I have three more growing now so I’m hoping to have a few more chances to get it right. The cantaloupe, however, are an entirely different story. Continue reading “Melon Success”

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A Peek at Our Fall Garden

We have lots of plants really taking off now that the weather is getting cooler.  I planted a bit on the early side for our area and those seedlings were really attacked by bugs.  That’s one reason I hear from people for waiting but they are really doing well now and the bugs are gone. … Continue reading A Peek at Our Fall Garden

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My Version of Square Foot Gardening

This will be our first full gardening season in our new house.  So far we have two 4’x4′ raised beds.  A third one will be built in the next week or two.  One is for our girls.  It’s my goal to have them do as much of the work as possible and so far it’s… Continue reading My Version of Square Foot Gardening