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Hornworm Experiment

Each summer we pick through our tomato and pepper plants looking for hornworms. This has been the best summer yet. I found the only one this year as I was ripping out all my tomatoes. The battery in my irrigation timer died when we were out of town and they took a beating in the… Continue reading Hornworm Experiment

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Ladybug Release

This week has been an insect themed week! Storyteller noticed some aphids on a rose bush which led to a discussion about aphids and ladybugs. Off to the nursery we went to buy some ladybugs. Each girl picked out a container. That’s probably way too many for our yard but they each needed their own.… Continue reading Ladybug Release

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A Peek at Our Fall Garden

We have lots of plants really taking off now that the weather is getting cooler.  I planted a bit on the early side for our area and those seedlings were really attacked by bugs.  That’s one reason I hear from people for waiting but they are really doing well now and the bugs are gone. … Continue reading A Peek at Our Fall Garden

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Harvest Adventures

We started harvesting arugula during the first week of October.  It’s the first of our cool season veggies.  The other lettuces shouldn’t be too far behind.  We also harvested some more red bell peppers whose season is coming to an end.  We should get another round or two from them.  At the end of the… Continue reading Harvest Adventures