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Hornworm Experiment

Each summer we pick through our tomato and pepper plants looking for hornworms. This has been the best summer yet. I found the only one this year as I was ripping out all my tomatoes. The battery in my irrigation timer died when we were out of town and they took a beating in the… Continue reading Hornworm Experiment

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I’ve harvested a few of the Straight 8 slicing cucumbers already but this was my first harvest of my pickling cukes. I’m growing Picklebush and Homemade Pickles this year. I haven’t gotten into canning yet but it is on my “must learn” list. Luckily, pickles are easy to make without actually canning them. It’s called… Continue reading Pickles!

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Goodbye Spinach Hello Tomatoes!

I actually started writing this post almost a month ago. As I was about to put the finishing touches on it, my hard drive died. It turns out that it’s a bit of a pain to publish a post from my iPad. Luckily, I found some great computer techs within our homeschool group who worked… Continue reading Goodbye Spinach Hello Tomatoes!

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Ladybug Release

This week has been an insect themed week! Storyteller noticed some aphids on a rose bush which led to a discussion about aphids and ladybugs. Off to the nursery we went to buy some ladybugs. Each girl picked out a container. That’s probably way too many for our yard but they each needed their own.… Continue reading Ladybug Release

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The Economics of Growing Broccoli

I’ve been thinking about broccoli a lot this season. Our girls love it so I’d love to be able to grow quite a bit of it. The problem lies in the size of the plant versus the size of the harvest. Each plant grows a head of broccoli and that’s pretty much it. It’s not… Continue reading The Economics of Growing Broccoli