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Seedling Experiment Results

A few months ago I was itching to get a head start on some warm season goodies so I started some seeds indoors really early.  I had the space so I figured I’d give it a try and see if I could get some cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe earlier than usual.  It’s time to take… Continue reading Seedling Experiment Results

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Share What You Grow

Several years ago, I volunteered at a community garden in California.  They have several large beds set aside for the purpose of donating the produce to local food pantries.  The whole garden participated by donating a bit extra from their plots.  It added up to hundreds of pounds of fresh garden produce every year.

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Seed Starting Experiment with Vines

I’m a rule breaker in the garden…especially when it comes to when to plant what. Usually it’s by mistake. Life gets busy and I plant something when it’s way too late. Or I jump in too early knowing that I’ll be busy when I’m supposed to plant. Sometimes I push the boundaries or even just… Continue reading Seed Starting Experiment with Vines

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Melon Success

I have finally had some success this season with growing melons. The watermelons haven’t been doing that well and I was way off on the timing of the first one we harvested. I have three more growing now so I’m hoping to have a few more chances to get it right. The cantaloupe, however, are an entirely different story. Continue reading “Melon Success”