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Frost Protection For Gardens

We have mild winters here but it can get cold enough overnight that some of our plants need protection. Sometimes it can seem like a hassle but the payoff is that we can grow food year round. With a little planning, we can eat from our gardens every day of the year. Here is a… Continue reading Frost Protection For Gardens

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Goodbye Spinach Hello Tomatoes!

I actually started writing this post almost a month ago. As I was about to put the finishing touches on it, my hard drive died. It turns out that it’s a bit of a pain to publish a post from my iPad. Luckily, I found some great computer techs within our homeschool group who worked… Continue reading Goodbye Spinach Hello Tomatoes!

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The Economics of Growing Broccoli

I’ve been thinking about broccoli a lot this season. Our girls love it so I’d love to be able to grow quite a bit of it. The problem lies in the size of the plant versus the size of the harvest. Each plant grows a head of broccoli and that’s pretty much it. It’s not… Continue reading The Economics of Growing Broccoli

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Winners and Losers – Fall Season 2014

We are lucky to be able to grow food all year round here in Southern Nevada. Most people break down the year into three garden seasons with a cool season in the spring and fall and the warm season in the summer. Sometimes the two cool seasons just run into one long season especially if… Continue reading Winners and Losers – Fall Season 2014

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A Peek at Our Fall Garden

We have lots of plants really taking off now that the weather is getting cooler.  I planted a bit on the early side for our area and those seedlings were really attacked by bugs.  That’s one reason I hear from people for waiting but they are really doing well now and the bugs are gone. … Continue reading A Peek at Our Fall Garden

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Cool Season Seeds Lineup

I haven’t had much luck with seeds since moving back to Las Vegas.  The germination rates have been quite bad especially in the Earthboxes.  I’m not sure though if the problem is specific to the Earthbox or if I just notice it more there.  Last year, I bought seeds from a local nursery that I… Continue reading Cool Season Seeds Lineup