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Goodbye Spinach Hello Tomatoes!

I actually started writing this post almost a month ago. As I was about to put the finishing touches on it, my hard drive died. It turns out that it’s a bit of a pain to publish a post from my iPad. Luckily, I found some great computer techs within our homeschool group who worked… Continue reading Goodbye Spinach Hello Tomatoes!

Containers · Earthbox · Edibles · Garden · Kids

The Economics of Growing Broccoli

I’ve been thinking about broccoli a lot this season. Our girls love it so I’d love to be able to grow quite a bit of it. The problem lies in the size of the plant versus the size of the harvest. Each plant grows a head of broccoli and that’s pretty much it. It’s not… Continue reading The Economics of Growing Broccoli

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Plant Casualties of Our Move

I had a few plant casualties during the move to our new house.  You can see the line up here of the containers we moved.  The Earthbox with the cucumbers had the most trouble.  They were bush cukes which are just short vines and not really bushy.  They hung over the side to the ground… Continue reading Plant Casualties of Our Move