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Worm Castings Harvest

I harvested another tray of worm castings from my Worm Factory 360 and decided to make a video of it. This was my first time trying this sort of thing and it was definitely a big learning curve…making a video that is.  But I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  I also touch on leachate and worm migration issues that sometimes occur with these stacking systems.  Enjoy!


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Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

I’ve had my compost tumbler now for about a year and this was my second harvest.  That doesn’t sound so good but for the effort I’ve put into it I’m fairly happy.  I could have harvested the first batch a good month or two earlier than I did.  It was forgotten about for a while. … Continue reading Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

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Compost Tumbler Update

I unloaded my first batch of compost from my compost tumbler last week. I started loading it up back in February.  It took me several weeks to fill it because this thing is huge!  I kept filling it as the kitchen scrapes and yard waste started decomposing.  It was really hard to stop and just… Continue reading Compost Tumbler Update

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New Compost Tumbler

I have been composting with worms for two years now and I absolutely love it! I much prefer vermicomposting over the regular compost pile. However, worms do have a few limitations in terms of certain foods that should be avoided and I wanted another way to compost those kitchen scraps. And it just doesn’t feel… Continue reading New Compost Tumbler

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Outdoor Vermicomposting in the Hot Summer

When the weather was turning colder, I wrote about how to keep your worm friends warm through the winter. Now that the heat of the summer is here, it’s time to tackle the opposite issue. I keep my worm composting bin outdoors year round even in our hot summers in the Mojave Desert. It took… Continue reading Outdoor Vermicomposting in the Hot Summer

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Worm Compost Bin Expansion

After several years of wanting to start vermicomposting, I finally jumped in this year.  I hesitated for so long because we live in a climate that is supposedly very hostile for worm composting.  Several locals I know keep their bins indoors to protect the worms from our hot summers but I didn’t want to venture… Continue reading Worm Compost Bin Expansion