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Seedling Experiment Results

A few months ago I was itching to get a head start on some warm season goodies so I started some seeds indoors really early.  I had the space so I figured I’d give it a try and see if I could get some cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe earlier than usual.  It’s time to take… Continue reading Seedling Experiment Results

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Urban Worm Bag – Week 4 Update

My new Urban Worm Bag is now 4 weeks old and the worms have kicked into high gear.  They are powering through the food that I’ve fed them so it’s time to change things up.  I’m normally very consistent with how and what I feed them but I’m trying something a bit different…mainly because I’m running out of my usually food scraps but also just to experiment a bit.   Week 4 Feeding

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Urban Worm Bag – Week 3

My red wigglers have had two weeks to get acclimated to their new home in the Urban Worm Bag.  It’s time to see how they’re doing and feed them again.  I scaled back on how much food I’ve been giving them since I had some leachate issues in my Worm Factory 360 right before dumping… Continue reading Urban Worm Bag – Week 3

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Urban Worm Bag – Week 2

It’s time to check in on my new Urban Worm Bag.  It’s been really hard to leave it alone but my worms seem to do better when I don’t dig around and disturb them.  This is the 2nd time I’ve fed them so we’ll see how they’re doing with their first dinner.  Enjoy!

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Share What You Grow

Several years ago, I volunteered at a community garden in California.  They have several large beds set aside for the purpose of donating the produce to local food pantries.  The whole garden participated by donating a bit extra from their plots.  It added up to hundreds of pounds of fresh garden produce every year.