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Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

I’ve had my compost tumbler now for about a year and this was my second harvest.  That doesn’t sound so good but for the effort I’ve put into it I’m fairly happy.  I could have harvested the first batch a good month or two earlier than I did.  It was forgotten about for a while. … Continue reading Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

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Gardening in Small Places Jan 2017

The beginning of a new year is also the beginning of a new series of Gardening in Small Places classes at our local Cooperative Extension.  These are my favorite Las Vegas gardening classes!  Each class is four hours long and covers one topic.  This allows the class to dive deeper into the details instead of… Continue reading Gardening in Small Places Jan 2017

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Hornworm Experiment

Each summer we pick through our tomato and pepper plants looking for hornworms. This has been the best summer yet. I found the only one this year as I was ripping out all my tomatoes. The battery in my irrigation timer died when we were out of town and they took a beating in the… Continue reading Hornworm Experiment

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Compost Tumbler Update

I unloaded my first batch of compost from my compost tumbler last week. I started loading it up back in February.  It took me several weeks to fill it because this thing is huge!  I kept filling it as the kitchen scrapes and yard waste started decomposing.  It was really hard to stop and just… Continue reading Compost Tumbler Update

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New Compost Tumbler

I have been composting with worms for two years now and I absolutely love it! I much prefer vermicomposting over the regular compost pile. However, worms do have a few limitations in terms of certain foods that should be avoided and I wanted another way to compost those kitchen scraps. And it just doesn’t feel… Continue reading New Compost Tumbler