I am a wife and mom to my wonderful husband and our two little girls who amaze me each day. One of our long term goals is to grow as much of our family’s produce as possible using organic methods. Did I mention that we live in the Mojave Desert? Yes, you actually can grow food here.

As you can tell from the blog’s title, we are also homeschoolers. This is our 4th year on this journey.  Our girls are now in 3rd grade and kinder.  For this blog, we’ve decided to call our oldest Storyteller because she has always enjoyed telling stories.  Telling her stories is an important part of each day for her.  We call our youngest Comedian because she is just hilarious!  Even her timing is amazing.

I also occasionally write posts for a community garden where I volunteer.  So, if you’re poking around Las Vegas gardening websites and find a community garden with very similar posts as mine then you’ve probably found my home away from home.

I look forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences. Come join us on our two exciting journeys!


Header photo credit: www.freewebpageheaders.com


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