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Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

I’ve had my compost tumbler now for about a year and this was my second harvest.  That doesn’t sound so good but for the effort I’ve put into it I’m fairly happy.  I could have harvested the first batch a good month or two earlier than I did.  It was forgotten about for a while.  This time I ran out of carbon materials.  My solution worked but wasn’t ideal.

Last spring I built a lasagne garden bed which used up the last of my leaves that I normal use for composting.  So I headed out to our local Master Gardener orchard which has free wood mulch for the taking.  I knew this would take longer to break down than leaves but it was better than nothing.  I wanted to keep that tumbler working!  This time I really increased the green material to help break down the wood mulch.  But it still took forever!  It didn’t help that I wasn’t actively turning it and keeping an eye on it.  I’m sure it would’ve been faster if I had been more proactive.  But ya know…life is busy.  Things come up. Luckily, compost will be just fine if left alone.  It just takes longer.

I dumped it out this week and was surprised with how much compost I had after I screened it…3 cubic feet.  I ended up with 15 gallons of bark and small twigs from the wood mulch that still need to decompose.  I tossed most of that into my other tumbler that I’ve been adding to and some back into the one I just emptied.  I’ll add a bunch of coffee grounds from Starbucks and a few more weeks worth of kitchen scraps and that tumbler should be ready to cook.  Once that’s done, I’ll start loading up the tumbler that I just emptied.  It’s really handy to have two.  I’m just so thrilled with these tumblers!  They have made composting so easy.

Lifetime 80gal Compost Tumbler – Screened compost with unfinished bark tossed back in.

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