Preschool Dropout

Our time with Comedian’s preschool has come to an end.  It was a really tough decision that we talked about for several months.  It finally became clear that the cons outweighed the pros.  She wasn’t getting enough out of it compared to the time and expense involved in keeping her there.  So much has changed since she started at the school last year.

We first became involved in the school when Storyteller was there for her 4s year.  Now, she is 7 years old and we are into our third year of homeschooling.  We have found a community of local homeschoolers and we have group activities with them at least once a week.  Comedian is just as much a part of it as Storyteller.  These are her friends and activities too.  So, what was she getting at preschool that she wasn’t getting at our homeschool activities?  Not much.

She is far more engaged with our homeschool life.  She will talk in great detail about our homeschool activities.  When she told us about preschool it was all about the snack.  I know she did more than eat snack but that’s all the value that she usually brought home.  Some of the teachers said it’s developmentally normal for preschool aged kids to focus on snack and not talk about much else but Comedian has shown us that she is able to speak in detail about what she has done.  Not only is she able but she is very much willing.  It doesn’t take much, if any, effort on our part to get her talking…and talking and talking!

She’s not just more engaged with our extra activities but she is now fully participating in many aspects of our actual school work.  This past spring around her 4th birthday, she started taking an interest in our science and history lessons.  She wasn’t just playing nearby anymore.  She was on my lap and trying to follow along.  At first it was a bit frustrating.  She wanted to fully understand each lesson and that usually took a lot of extra time.  I had to stop often and find simpler ways to explain what I had just read from the books.  Six months later…I now have to remind her to let Storyteller get a word in when we talk about our readings!  She really understands Storyteller’s history, science and read aloud books.  This has become her school work too.  She doesn’t do the map work or science worksheets but she does notebooking and other projects with us.  I never expected to combine them in any subjects since they’re 3 years apart but now it seems like a possibility.  It’s a decision we’ll have to make in the next year or so.

We are now about 2 months into Storyteller’s 2nd grade work and Comedian is starting to follow along with math, reading and spelling.  She knows her numbers and can identify her lower and uppercase letter as well as their sounds.  Naturally, she doesn’t understand the 2nd grade work but that doesn’t stop her from listening intently to Storyteller’s lessons. This week she wanted to write Storyteller’s spelling words.  I said the word, Storyteller spelled it aloud and Comedian wrote it down.  I guess that’s one way to do Storyteller’s spelling and Comedian’s handwriting at the same time!

It was quite sad to realize that our time with this preschool needed to end.  But once the decision became clear it was a huge weight off of my shoulders.  It opens up our schedule and increases our flexibility.  It is a wonderful school but our needs and wants are different now that we are further into our homeschool journey.


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