First Two Weeks of 2nd Grade

The first two weeks of Storyteller’s 2nd grade year have come and gone.  It actually went quite smoothly… partially because I kept my expectations low!

I’ve always intended to school year round.  Our climate here is perfect for it!  It’s usually too hot to play outside after 10am in the summer.  The weather in May and October is amazing so it would be nice to save those months for our long breaks.  However, that hasn’t worked at all and I think I’ve finally admitted to myself that we won’t be schooling year round…at least not intentionally.  Summers have ended up being very busy with summer camps and trips to see family.  We continued to do some school work last summer to finish up a few things but it would have been very difficult to do anything regularly.

So the start to this school year came after a typical long summer break.  I knew I wasn’t going to get every subject started so I didn’t even try.  We had to start history and science.  Those are the girls’ favorite subjects.  It’s easier to get other subjects done when we alternate them with history and science.  Math and reading were at the top of my list to start.  We also started House at Pooh’s Corner for our first Quiver of Arrows study guide.  I meant to start a Jot it Down Fairytale project but we didn’t get around to it.

I thought  we might start spelling and handwriting for the second week but Comedian started her Pre-K year that week.  Taking her to and from the preschool takes a good chunk of time out of two days each week.  As much as I love that school, I’ll be really happy when she’s done.  Her dance class also started up for the year.  Storyteller started a new choir season that week in addition to her swim class that goes year round.  I wish we had started school a few weeks earlier so that we could find our groove before all the extra activities started.  But August was busy with family visits and a week long summer camp for Storyteller.

After the first two weeks, I’m happy that we accomplished everything we wanted.  It wasn’t without problems though.  Some lessons took longer than we expected.  Even though we talked about our plans for the week, there were times when Storyteller seemed very surprised that we were actually planning on doing school work.  She likes to know exactly what to expect each day so I have to keep reminding her of our plans.  It also helped to keep reminding her of all the extra fun stuff that we had planned for the week…choir, park time, LEGO club, library trip and swim lessons.  Our homeschool group even went to a indoor trampoline gym.  We do A LOT of fun extra stuff but in order to keep doing those activities we need to get the school work done.  We needed to remind Storyteller of that a few times during the first two weeks.

By the end of the 2nd week, I started writing a list of subjects, errands and activities we had planned for the day.  I wrote the day’s list on the white board during the previous evening.  We went through the list and then the next day I let her cross out each item as we finished it.  I’m hoping this list will help her visualize the day before we start and as we progress through it.

Tomorrow we kick off week three and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to add handwriting, spelling and a Jot it Down project.  Fingers crossed.  Then we will be running full speed ahead into our third year of homeschooling.


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