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Gardening In Small Places 2016 Classes

A new year means a new line up of Gardening in Small Places classes. These are monthly classes offered by our local Cooperative Extension located at 8050 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas 89123. These are some of my favorite learning opportunities here in Las Vegas because the classes are four hours long. This gives the class plenty of time to explore the topic in greater depth. Each class runs from 8am to noon and costs $25. Contact Elaine Fagin at 702-257-5573 or to register. Here is the list of Gardening in Small Places classes for 2016.

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January 23 — Pruning
Learn pruning basics: when to prune, how to prune, what to prune.

February 20 — Vegetable Gardening
Turn your small space into a productive vegetable garden.

March 19 — Composting
There’s no place too small to make effective compost. You CAN do it!

April 9 — Understanding Your Irrigation
Discover the right type of irrigation for your landscape.

May 7 — Solving Garden Problems
Find out about the problems in your garden and how to control them before they get out of hand.

June 11 — Organic Gardening
There is a lot of buzz about organic gardening, but what does it really means?

July 16 — The Dirt on Soil
Desert soil is different—infertile, salty, and alkaline. What can you do?

August 20 — Tree Selection and Care
Learn how to find the perfect tree for your landscape and how to care for it.

September 10 — Using Native and Desert Adapted Plants
Have a lush landscape while saving money, energy and water? Come find out how!

October 22 — Roses
Learn how to best care for your roses to have the best blooms and healthiest plants.

November 19 — Growing Fruit at Home
Fresh berries, grapes, tree fruits, vining fruits in the desert? You bet!

Happy Gardening!


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