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Our First School Vacation

We have reached our first planned break in our homeschool year. I shared my year-at-glance calendar and I’m thrilled that after seven weeks we are pretty much right on track. In this plan, I have scheduled a few weeks throughout the year when we will have time to catch up with school work or take some time off to relax and perhaps enjoy a special outing.

We have just returned from a trip to the Midwest to visit my husband’s family. The girls were beyond excited to see everyone and they really enjoyed the crazy amount of spoiling. We don’t really get to see amazing autumn colors in the desert so it was a big treat to make it back to the Midwest to see the trees changing colors.

We left for the trip on a Thursday and returned on a Tuesday. It made sense to make the leftover days of each week a catch up/vacation time. In the seven weeks leading up to this time, it felt like we were quite behind. I was surprised to see how much progress we had actually made. When counting how many catch up lessons we had to do, I only counted the weeks when we didn’t hit four days of each subject. There were weeks when we did five days of some subjects and I didn’t factor them into the count. So, if we only did three days of math one week, I’d add one math lesson to our catch up list. But if we did five days of math one week, I didn’t subtract it. My overall goal was to do four days of each subject every week.

We ended up short three reading lessons, three handwriting lessons, two math lessons and two spelling lessons. I’m very pleased with those numbers especially considering that this is the beginning of the year.   We’re still trying to find our rhythm. We’ve had to change things up a few times so it’s nice to see that we still managed to get things done even though at times it didn’t feel like it.

So, how has the catching up been going? Well…it hasn’t happened and probably won’t. The first three catch up days before our real vacation were spent doing all the last minute things that need to be done before a big trip. The big issue was clothing.  We hadn’t needed warm clothes yet here in Las Vegas but we definitely needed them where we were going. We spent a fair amount of time figuring out what clothes we had and shopping to fill in the gaps so we wouldn’t freeze. It doesn’t take much to make us shiver now days! Also, Storyteller started getting sick. It was just a mild cold but we wanted to let her rest as much as possible so that she could get better before the trip. She ended up being slightly sick during the whole trip and it just hit her hard once we got home. It was a busy and exciting week for the girls so some restful time was needed even if she wasn’t sick. She’s feeling better today so we may be able to do a few lessons over the weekend before we jump back into a normal week on Monday. It actually sounds like she’s excited to get back into our normal routine.

I still think my idea of scheduling catch up/vacation weeks during the year is a good plan but it just may not work out for our first break. That’s okay. The biggest take away from the last few weeks was being able to see that we really didn’t get that far off track. I’m really quite impressed.




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