The End of Princess Castle Kindergarten

I am declaring this week to be the last week of Princess Castle Kindergarten! I hadn’t really thought about it until this past week when my Facebook feed was filled with Kindergarten Graduation pictures and highlights of other last day of school celebrations. When I had laid out our plans for Storyteller’s first grade year, I hadn’t given much thought as to how to end kindergarten. I thought we’d just continue on with learning and moving onto the next projects. My parents and I don’t remember any big graduation party when I finished kindergarten but apparently it’s a big deal now days. Regardless of her grade, I think it really is important to pick an “end” to our first year of homeschooling and celebrate it. It’s a big accomplishment!

This past week both girls had their own day alone with my mom and I took them on their own Mother Daughter day. It had nothing to do with the end of the year. My mom just had vacation time. When Storyteller and I went out for lunch, the Manager approached us and asked if she had just graduated. I was a bit confused and just said that we homeschool. I said that she’s done with all her kindergarten stuff, so yes, I guess she’s graduating. He explained that a lot of kids were in the restaurant celebrating the end of the year. He assumed we were too. That along with all of the Facebook posts bothered me a bit for the rest of the day and so I decided that we really do need to acknowledge an end to our school year.

Storyteller finished the reading and handwriting curricula. We have a few stories left in our Sonlight Core. Comedian isn’t really fond of those remaining stories so we’ve been trying to find time for Storyteller and I to read by ourselves. We are just about done with Horizon’s Math K but she has surpassed what is typically kinder math so I’m okay with slowing down a bit and finishing it up over the summer. So, why not call it the end of Princess Castle Kindergarten? Storyteller will have to think of a new name for our homeschool.

June is turning out to be a very busy month. Storyteller is doing a week long camp, some intensive swim clinics and we will have some family visiting. Once that’s done, we’ll be heading into July. Even if we don’t end the year now, we won’t be getting much school work done anyway. Most of our friends are schooling year round. It’s so hot here in the summer that most people stay indoors for a good chunk of the day. May and October would actually be better months for long breaks in our climate. We can take time off whenever we need or want it. I can see us starting up with some, or maybe all, aspects of our school work in July. I guess we’ll just see when we get there.

I haven’t quite figured out how or when we’ll celebrate. The homeschool group we belong to throws a lot of parties but nothing has been mentioned about an end of year type party. It’s probably because we’re all at different points in our homeschool year. I’ve heard it said by several local veteran homeschoolers that most of their work is done in the summer so it wouldn’t make sense to celebrate the end of the year right now. For our family, I think it’s important to celebrate not only Storyteller’s kindergarten graduation but also the completion of our first year of homeschooling. It is definitely a milestone worthy of celebrating!


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