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Seeds of the Month Club 6 and 7

My January and February shipments of my Seeds of the Month Club subscription arrived within a week or so or each other. Here are the goodies that I received…

Basil, Thai
Cucumber, Poinsett
Endive, Rossa Di Verona
Eggplant, Long Purple
Melon, Hearts of Gold
Salad Burnet
Swiss Chard, Orange Fantasia
Tomato, Bradley

January included tomato seeds! They arrived at the very end of the month or maybe it was even the first few days of February. That’s a bit late for our area but just fine for most other parts of the country. Most people here who grow tomatoes from seed start them around Christmas and New Year’s. I’ll save them and give them a try later in the summer. Tomatoes slow down and pretty much stop during the heat of our summer but take off again when the weather cools off a bit. So, I’ll try starting these tomato seeds for a late summer planting. Tomatoes will go until killed by frost which can be November or even December for us. Bradley is a compact semi-determinate variety so this would be a good choice for containers and small gardens.

Salad Burnet is an herb with a cucumber taste that can be used in salads. I’ve seen a few mentions of this possibly being invasive so I would keep this in a container.

When I tried to find information about the cucumber variety Poinsett, I only found mention of Poinsett 76 until I dug real deep. The 76 is an improved version of the regular Poinsett although I couldn’t find information about what exactly was improved. The information on this seed packet is a bit vague and applies to cucumbers in general and not necessarily to this variety. Anyway, it looks like this is a 6-8” slicing cucumber. It’s resistant to downy mildew, powdery mildew, scab, angular leaf spot and anthracnose. That’s great news. Disease resistance is something to look for when picking out seeds.

Swiss Chard, Orange Fantasia Photo from Osborne Seed Co.
Swiss Chard, Orange Fantasia Photo from Osborne Seed Co.

I started some of the Swiss chard even though I already have plenty growing.  The variety already in my garden is White Rib and it has done well but Orange Fantasia looks beautiful.  Colored chard would look a lot more interesting in the garden than the white.

Thai Basil, photo from Rare Seeds Co.
Thai Basil, photo from Rare Seeds Co.

I already started basil seeds but I may plant the Thai basil anyway because the flowers are gorgeous and attract bees and butterflies.  I may let this go to flower and use it more as a decorative plant. If all goes well, I may have a lot of basil to give away this year. One or two plants is plenty for our family.


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