100 Days of Princess Castle Kindergarten

It just so happened that we hit our 100th day of school on my birthday! It wasn’t planned that way. When it comes to the number of days, I haven’t planned much in advance. I count the days as we get them done. Luckily for our state, we don’t have to submit any paperwork so there’s really no reason for us to keep track of how many days of school we do. Our calendar activity includes counting up to 100 days of school. Other than that, we may not have thought to do it but Storyteller enjoyed seeing that as a goal and watching us get closer and closer.

Originally, she wanted to get cupcakes for a little party but we changed things up since our 100th day fell on my birthday. Hubby and the girls had already planned on baking a cake for me. I was planning on taking the girls on a trip to a bookstore so they could each pick out a new book. I meant it to be a surprise so it was easy to offer up a new book instead of cupcakes.   They LOVE Barnes and Noble!

Our trips there remind me of how many great children’s books are out there that we haven’t read yet. I need start writing them down because we often end up with disappointing books from the library when they just start grabbing them off the shelf. At the library and the bookstore they gravitate towards the popular cartoon character books. We don’t watch much television but they know all the characters from the toy stores and books. As much as I tried to steer them towards the many great books, we ended up coming home with Strawberry Shortcake, Sofia the First, Princess Palace Pets and Doc McStuffins. For some reason, they love the cheap paperback books. I couldn’t even interest them in the nicer hardcover collections of those same stories. But these books were a treat for them for reaching 100 days of school so I let them pick out the ones they wanted.

This is such an amazing time to be homeschooling. The internet makes finding resources so easy. A quick search for 100th day of school activities brings up countless options and many of them are free. The hard part is to not spend too much time searching. Here are the activities we did for this year. I thought both girls would enjoy them but Comedian (now almost 3) was not in a great mood so she wasn’t all that interested. Otherwise, they seem good for the 3-6+ age range.

Shapes and bar graph –

Certificate which is also a coloring page plus other activities –

Dice game –

I found this web page after I had already gathered enough activities for us but this looks like a great list to keep in mind for next year.

The girls had a fun time so celebrating the 100th day of school is something we’ll definitely do each year.



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