Cheap Homeschool Decorations

I really don’t like dollar type stores. I’ve picked up a few good deals but for the most part they seem to have a lot of garbage. I usually try to avoid them even though I hear many homeschoolers recommending them. Our homeschool group is having a Valentine’s Day party and we were told to expect around 100 kids. So, I packed up the girls and headed to a dollar store for supplies. This is the first time we’ve participated in a “normal” Valentine’s Day party so I can’t speak for the quality or price of the cheap cards that kids usually exchange. Last year, Storyteller’s pre-k class exchanged homemade heart crafts. With two kids each exchanging 100 valentines…well let’s just say that there is nothing homemade about this year’s Valentine’s Day cards.

While we were there, we also picked up some decorations for our homeschool area. I’ve been meaning to spend more time decorating the loft with colorful pictures like what is found in a regular classroom. We haven’t done any decorating in our new house yet but it would be easy to put up some fun kid posters. At the very least, we should be decorating the area for most of the holidays. For under $5, we put up a lot of heart cut-outs and window decals…and at least once every day we put them up again. Yes, the price was cheap and so is the quality. I probably would have been better off spending more money for better quality decorations. Or at least I hope they would be better quality. Michaels and Jo-Ann stores have great selections for seasonal and holiday decorations and they each have a school section with some items normally found in classrooms. They also give teacher’s discounts and there are always great sales and coupons.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Lakeshore Learning Resource store, they have great items for decorating a homeschool area.  Thankfully, I’m on the other side of town from ours otherwise they’d make a lot of money off our family.

I guess dollar type stores may serve a purpose for a few things such as 200 cheap valentine cards. For decorations for our homeschool area I think I’ll stick with spending a bit more money. At least the girls are getting a kick out of finding hearts all over the floor when they fall off the walls. No amount of tape is making these things stick.


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