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Gardening in Small Places 2015 – local classes

For all of you living in the Southern Nevada area, Gardening in Small Places is a series of classes throughout the year at our Cooperative Extension in Las Vegas. Each class is four hours long so it’s not some quick class that hardly touches on the topic. The short classes have a place but I really like taking the time to dive into a topic. The cost is $25 per class. Register by contacting Elaine Fagin at 702-257-5573 or Here is a look at this year’s classes.

January 24 – Pruning
February 14 – Vegetable Gardening
March 14 – Composting
April 4 – Understanding Your Irrigation
May 9 – What’s Bugging Your Garden?
June 13 – Organic Gardening
July 11 – The Dirt on Soil
August 22 – Landscape Design
September 19 – Using Native and Desert Adapted Plants
October 3 – Tree Selection and Care
November 21 – Growing Fruit at Home

Classes are 8-noon except for PRUNING: 9-noon.


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