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2015 Garden Goals

We have now been in our new house for six months.  I’m not sure where the time went!  Originally, I was planning on continuing with container gardening while we decided on what to do with the yard.  But once we got settled in a bit it was really hard to hold back and not build some garden beds.  So, I caved and we found ourselves rushing around trying to build them in time for the fall planting.  Now that we’re at the end on the year, I find myself wondering what our next steps are in terms of our outdoor space.  I put together a list of things that I’d like to accomplish this year.  I’m sure other items will come up as the year goes on but here is a pretty good starting point.

Landscape Goals
Complete several landscape designs for entire property.
Plant flowers in front walkway.
Plant flowers in two areas in backyard.
Plant at least one fruit tree in a pot until an in ground location is decided.
Decide on rose garden location.  Prepare soil and install irrigation in time for January 2016 planting.

Vegetable Garden Beds
Build all raised beds up to be one foot deep.
Connect the raised bed irrigation to in ground irrigation system.
Build trellises for all raised beds.
Plan ahead to be able to use organic seeds whenever possible.
Connect with more local organic gardeners to exchange seeds and seedlings.
Use more seeds and cut back on store bought transplants.

Increase production on vermicomposter.
Use trench composting to improve soil in landscape areas we want to plant.
Compost 100% of compostable kitchen waste.

Start analyzing which crops are the best use of resources for the size of harvest.
Keep better notes about planting dates, harvest dates, which varieties did well, harvest totals etc.
Do an experiment to see how much water is wasted indoors that can be used to water plants.

I think that about covers the big things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year.  At least, that’s all I can think of for now.  What are your garden goals for 2015?


2 thoughts on “2015 Garden Goals

  1. Some great ideas! I need to cut down a tree, finish raised beds for vegetables and I’d love to build a nice bench to display my bonsai trees on so that I can easily see them out of my kitchen window. Time and money!


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