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Seeds of the Month Club #4 and #5

October came and went and it was so busy that I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t received my monthly shipment of seeds.  I sent the company an email and received a reply within an hour.  My seeds arrived very quickly especially since they are located on the other side of the country.  They also included my November shipment.  This awesome customer service was such a breath of fresh air.  Here are my new editions…

Carrot, Amsterdam
Chamomile, German
Kale, Premier
Mustard, Old Fashioned
Onion, Blanco Duro
Parsnip, All American
Spinach, Giant Noble

I’m all out of space for any more root veggies this season so these will be saved for later.  We go through a lot of chamomile tea especially when the girls are sick so we’re excited to plant a bunch of it.  Lavender is one of our choices for our front yard landscape and now I have the seeds for it.  I have some extra pots for the spinach this season.  We love using it green smoothies so I’m growing a lot of it.  I’m really excited about these new seeds!

Happy Gardening!


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