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Setting Weekly Homeschool Goals

In the brief time that we’ve been homeschooling it has become clear that it will be very easy for us to become sidetracked with all the extra activities. We’ve completed our ninth week but we only did 33 days of school and a few of those were just field trip days.  That’s less than four days a week.  We had a few sick days, spent a few days in a California and skipped a few days for play dates.  I was planning on keeping October pretty low key so that we could focus on creating the habit of doing school but a friend pointed out that the extra outings that I was going to pass up are all fall and Halloween related.  They aren’t really activities that I can just put off until the next month. However, I’m sure that I could use similar excuses for November and December as well.

I decided it was time to set some weekly homeschool goals to help us try to fit everything in. One week I thought I’d treat the girls to a park day on Friday if we got all the school work done for the week but I didn’t like the idea of taking away time at the park if we didn’t get everything done. That’s not the vibe I want for our homeschool at least not at this stage. I already have a weekly calendar that I use to keep track of everything we do but I wanted something that would involve Storyteller in the process of setting goals and working towards them. I printed out and laminated a big colorful list with all the subjects we do each week which includes calendar, math, reading, writing, Sonlight reading and the Sonlight workbook.  Each week I write a number in front of each subject with a dry erase marker.  This is how many lessons I expect us to complete during the week which will vary depending on how many extra activities are planned.  If we’re going to fit in all these field trips then we are going to have to do some lessons on those days even if it’s just one or two things in the evenings.  Storyteller makes tally marks on the sheet as we complete the lessons.  Any goals that are not met will be completed during the weekend. This week we’ve had a field trip and a park day. I was a bit overzealous with setting our goals this week. We’ll be close but we will have to do a few lessons this weekend.

I think this weekly goal sheet will help us stay on track with what we want to accomplish while also taking advantage of all the extra opportunities in our homeschool community.  We just started using it but so far she enjoys making her tally marks and watching them get closer to the goal I wrote down. Finishing up on the weekend should be easy since she hasn’t yet developed the idea that school is only during the week.

How do you keep on track with your homeschooling goals? Do you use the weekends to catch up?


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