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Seeds of the Month Club #3

I just received another shipment of seeds.  I was surprised since I had already received one this month but it seems like the earlier shipment was meant for August and it just arrived a bit late.  This one included…

  • Radishes, Comet
  • Hot Peppers, Ancho
  • Borage
  • Celery, Ventura

I will definitely plant the radishes and celery this season.  I wasn’t planning on planting celery because we use so little of it.  But now that I have the seeds I found room in the garden for a few.  I’ll probably plant a pot or two of borage this season although I’m not sure how well it will do now.  It will be a good one to plant this spring.  We’re not fans of hot peppers.  I hope to can salsa one day but that’s about the only use for them in our house at this time.  It’s definitely not the right time to plant peppers so I’ll save the seeds for the next warm season and try a few plants.

Happy Gardening!


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