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Seeds of the Month Club #2

I just received my second shipment for the Seeds of the Month club that I recently joined.  This shipment included…

Collards, Georgia Southern
Cucumber, Dark Armenian Green
Squash, Table Queen
Basil, Dark Purple Opal

I originally thought that I would receive seeds at the correct planting time for my area although I can’t find that information again.  It’s definitely not time to plant cucumber and squash in my area.  I suppose I could chance planting cucumber although it’s a few weeks too late for that.  Our summer arrived about a month early this year and seems to be ending early.  It’s been mild overall so I probably wouldn’t plant warm season veggies at this point.  The seeds will keep just fine for the next warm season though.  The color of this basil looks very striking!  I think it would make a great accent plant in the garden.  For those who live in Homeowner’s Associations this would be a good one to plant amongst flowers in the front yard.  Luckily our new house isn’t in a HOA so I’m looking forward to planting veggies wherever I can.

You can check out what I received in my first shipment here.

Happy Gardening!


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