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Field trip to the Bellagio

Bellagio Botanical Garden
Bellagio Botanical Garden

I took the girls on our first official field trip of the year.  We joined a local homeschool group for a tour of the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  They had a lot of fun but Storyteller is still learning about paying attention to the teacher during these events. She was off in her own little world in her mind during most of the talking.  I didn’t mind at all since she’s only 5 but she ended up learning a hard lesson about these educational events.

The host took several breaks during the tour to go over some quick bullet points such as the number of plant pots, how many people work there and their job titles.  Some the numbers are too big to mean anything to her at this point but she was clearly “checked out” during these parts.  The group also stopped at the Jean Phillipe Chocolate store to sample some chocolate and learn about how it is made.  At the very end the host called for a review for some extra pieces of chocolate.  This was the first time Storyteller has  encountered this type of Q&A.  The host explained that the kids had to raise their hands to answer the question.  Storyteller saw a boy raise his hand and get a chocolate.  I think that is about all she understood of the situation.  I didn’t expect it but her hand was the first up on the second question.  She didn’t understand that she was supposed to answer the question.  I tried to talk her through it but she didn’t have any idea so she just yelled out a number.  Just as this was happening Comedian decided to take off running down the hallway towards the lobby of the Bellagio.  The hall was packed with tourists trying to dodge a sprinting toddler!  I went after her and of course she loves a game of chase!  Storyteller ran behind me bawling because she didn’t understand why she didn’t get a piece of chocolate.  Oh my!

Bellagio Botanical Garden
Bellagio Botanical Garden

After the craziness ended I was able to explain about what happened.  So now she knows a bit more about raising her hand to answer a question.  I’m sure she encountered this in preschool a few times but that’s a much different situation than a group field trip.  Regardless, the girls had fun looking at the flower displays and they loved the chocolate treats!  This group does the tour several times a year so we will definitely be back.  Next time I’ll bring a stroller for Comedian so we can see the water show in front of the Bellagio.  The last thing I need is for her to take off running down the Las Vegas Strip!


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