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Cool Season Earthbox Plan

This past Spring season was the first time I had four Earthboxes. I had only one for the previous three seasons. I figured now would be a good time to actually physically label the box and keep track of what I plant in each so I can rotate the crops in them. This was the lineup for the warm season that’s coming to an end…

EB 1 (has trellis), two Celebrity tomatoes
EB 2, five bush cucumbers
EB 3, one each eggplant and zucchini
EB 4, five bell peppers

For this coming cool season here is my plan…

EB 1 (has trellis), sugar snap peas
EB 2, bush beans (I know not a cool season crop but planted early August)
EB 3, leaf lettuce
EB 4, garlic

Since garlic likes to dry out right before harvest time I thought it might be fun to try in an Earthbox. Otherwise it’s best to keep garlic separated a bit from the rest of the garden so everything else can get water while it dries out. With automatic irrigation systems (which are pretty much mandatory in the desert) it’s important to take into account the drying out period when planning your garden.

I have more detailed notes that include things like planting dates, first harvest dates and varieties but this list is just for basic rotation. Now, I have to figure out what to plant in our raised bed and the pile of pots I have in the garage.

Happy Gardening!


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