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Cool Season Seeds Lineup

I haven’t had much luck with seeds since moving back to Las Vegas.  The germination rates have been quite bad especially in the Earthboxes.  I’m not sure though if the problem is specific to the Earthbox or if I just notice it more there.  Last year, I bought seeds from a local nursery that I really love.  The girls planted the lettuce, spinach and carrots.  It’s usually hard to tell if there are any germination issues when young kids are planting these seeds because the seeds are so small and they just get tossed everywhere.  But we didn’t get nearly as many spinach and lettuce seedlings as I expected.   I also had very low germination rates with pea, cucumber and bean seeds.  

For this coming cool season I bought from two online sources.  I recently joined the Seeds of the Month club at  They send eight seed packets the first month and four per month after that.  All of the seeds are non-GMO open pollinated heirloom varieties.  These are seeds that you can save from your garden and they will grow true to the variety.  The downfall is that these are not certified organic seeds but I thought I’d give them a try anyway.  I try to use organic seeds when possible but sometimes the selection isn’t all that great.  Another downfall to using a seed of the month club is that you can’t choose which seeds to get.  This can be a fun way to try some new plants you wouldn’t otherwise try but I can see how it might make planning ahead difficult.  All the seeds are supposed to be suitable for your growing region for the time that they’re sent.  So, coming into fall I should be getting cool season seeds for my region.  I think the exception for that is the first month of eight seed packs.  Not everything I received is suitable for me to plant now.  For early August I received…

Corn, Golden Beauty
Squash, Caserta
Okra, Emerald
Chinese Cabbage, Pak Choi White Stem
Bush Beans, Top Crop
Peas, Sugar Ann
Swiss Chard, White Rib

Once I received those, I ordered more seeds from Peaceful Valley in California.  Since I don’t know what I’ll receive for my next Seed of the Month club shipment I wanted to make sure I had the seeds I definitely want for the cool season.  I ordered…

Organic Bean Bush Blue Lake
Org Spinach Bloomsdale
Org Carrot Rainbow Blend  – The girls are really excited about these!
Org Carrot Scarlet Nantes
Org Lettuce Gourmet Mix
Org Pea Sugar Snap
Org Pea Sugar Daddy
Org Kale Lacinato
Org Broccoli Calabrese
Org Lettuce Red Salad Bowl
Daisy Tricolor Mix
Org Chamomile
Org Calendula Orange

I’m sure I’ll end up with some starts from the local nurseries too.  I’ve been pretty disappointed in the selection here especially organic transplants.  I’m going to focus more on seeds this season but it’s really hard to pass up a plant or two from the nurseries.

Happy Gardening!


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