First Week of Homeschooling

We just finished our first week of homeschooling.  We hadn’t planned on starting yet.  It just sort of happened.  Until recently, Storyteller*** wasn’t at all excited about homeschooling.  She had attended two play based preschools.  The last one offered kindergarten but we opted to start our homeschooling journey instead.  She was not happy.  A few weeks ago she decided that our school needed a name.  Princess Castle Kindergarten was she came up with.  Since then she’s been asking to start.  Her excitement grew until last Tuesday when I just couldn’t talk her down anymore.  I wasn’t prepared.  I still had copies to make.  I had scanned through the curriculum but hadn’t really looked into what the first week entailed.  I still had organization stuff to clean up.  We are still unpacking from the move.  And the list of excuses goes on.  So, I thought it’d be easy to start with Sonlight that day.  I looked at day 1 of the Instructor’s Guide and picked out the books listed for the day.  We headed down to the couch for some reading.  The girls loved the books.  They kept picking out story after story to read.  We finished the reading listed for the day and quite a few other stories.

That night I spent some time at FedEx making copies of all the reproducible worksheets for math and handwriting so that I’d be ready for those subjects the next day.  On the third day we added reading.  She really enjoyed math and didn’t like how short the lessons were so I added in some other activities with manipulatives.  These first lessons were very easy for her I’m thinking of offering a second lesson after the rest of our school work is done for the day.  The Comedian*** loved math too and had to have her own set of materials to play with.   That was an easy way to keep her entertained.

Now that we have started we need to make it a routine to do this five days a week.  We’re flexible as to what those days are but we want to do five days worth of work during the week.  I was really undecided as to when to start our ‘school year’.  It’s the beginning of August after all!  It’s still summer!  But it’s so hot now that we’re inside most of the day anyway.  Why not start early and take extra time off once the weather cools a bit?  That sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

***This is the first post that I’ve needed to mention our girls by name.  In the interest of a bit of anonymity we’ve chosen to given them nicknames.  I’ll call our oldest Storyteller because she loves to make up her own stories and even skits.  She tells us all who we’re going to be and exactly what our lines are.  Our youngest will be Comedian.  She is such a ham and loves to make people laugh.  She even has great timing and will starting making faces or telling a joke when she sees someone is a bit upset.


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