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Plant Casualties of Our Move

I had a few plant casualties during the move to our new house.  You can see the line up here of the containers we moved.  The Earthbox with the cucumbers had the most trouble.  They were bush cukes which are just short vines and not really bushy.  They hung over the side to the ground but they were covered with flowers and really starting to take off again.  Pretty much all the flowers fell off during the move.  One vine died quickly from getting pinched.  The others died over the next two weeks.  I cleaned out the box and am planning on planting bush beans in there this weekend.

The Earthbox of Celebrity tomatoes made it just fine.  They were covered with tomatoes that were so close to ripe so I took the chance of moving them.  We ended up getting about 2 lbs of tomatoes the following week.  It doesn’t sound like much but at this time of year that’s not bad as the plants were in pretty rough shape.  They made tasty snacks for the girls.  I pruned all of my tomato plants back last weekend and gave them a drink of diluted fish emulsion.  They should regrow from the suckers and produce a fall crop.

Now that we’re settled into our new house we’ve started thinking about where to put the garden boxes.  I’ll still be using all my containers but I hope to have at least one raised bed planted for the fall season.  I’ll also be building another small 3’x3′ bed for the girls to plant whatever they want.  The clock is ticking so I’m hoping to get started in the next week or two.

Happy gardening!


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