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Local Class – Gardening in Small Places

Our local Cooperative Extensive in Las Vegas offers a series of classes called Gardening in Small Places. They’re offered once a month on a Saturday morning from 8-noon. Cost is $25 and you have to register in advance. The next one is on Landscape Design. The timing is perfect because our new house has a lot of blank space to play with. I have quite a few ideas and I’m excited to start a more formal plan. I’m sure this class will give me some great ideas to think about.  Here is the list of these classes through the rest of the year. Contact Elaine Fagen at to register.

August 2 — Landscape Design: Learn creative ways to make your small space your dream space without breaking the budget

September 20 — Using Native and Desert Adapted Plants: Have a lush landscape while saving money, energy and water? Come find out how!

October 4 Tree — Selection and Care: How to find the perfect tree for your landscape and learn how to care for it

November 15 — Growing Fruit at Home: Fresh berries, grapes, tree fruits, vining fruits in the desert? You bet!

Happy Gardening!


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