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Portable Garden? We’ll See.

We’ve spent the last year living in a rental house so I’ve been growing mostly in containers.  The house has a large garden but it was in rough shape and I didn’t want to put too much work into it since we weren’t planning on being there long.  For the two years prior to that we lived in an apartment.  I tried on an Earthbox on the balcony and it worked well so I bought three more once we moved to a house.  So now we’re homeowners again….and moving again.  All four Earthboxes are filled and we’re going to try moving them to our new house.  I didn’t want to miss out on the entire warm season just because we’re moving in the middle of it.  So here’s the run down of what we have.   

One Earthbox has two Celebrity tomatoes.  I’m using Earthbox’s trellis kit to help support them.  They still have a good amount of fruit on them that are so close to ripening.  If the move date was just 2-3 weeks away then I’d be able to prune them back to prepare them for a fall crop but I really don’t want to do that yet.  So, we’ll be moving and crossing our fingers that they make it.

Another Earthbox has five bell pepper plants that are doing very well.  They’re compact plants so moving shouldn’t be hard at all.  My third box has four bush cucumbers.  I recently replenished the fertilizer in it (more about that in another post).  So, now they’re taking off again.  These are going to be hard to move because they hang over the side and sprawl on the ground.  Bush cucumbers are still vines but not as long.  I’d hate to lose them since we love cucumbers and these are doing well now.

My last Earthbox had a zucchini and an eggplant.  Notice I said ‘had’.  Earthbox lists both these has being able to plant two in a box.  Two eggplants would’ve been fine but two zucchinis would’ve been crazy.  The one I had in there was so huge!  It would’ve been a real pain to move it since it grows over the side and down onto the ground.  A zucchini isn’t nearly as flexible as a vine so I wasn’t looking forward to moving this at all.  I didn’t think it’d survive.  So, it’s gone now.  The eggplant that is in there hadn’t been doing well at all because of the competition from the huge zucchini plant but now that it’s by itself it is very happy.  It has lots of new growth and many new flowers.  The box should be fairly easy to move now.

I also have two large self-watering pots with grape tomatoes, two pots of basil, a pot of green onions, a potted rose bush and a small sunflower that will also be coming with us.

The big move is tomorrow!  Luckily our new house is only five miles away so I’m hopeful that the plants will make the journey successfully.  Fingers crossed!

UPDATE:  Check out what plants survived here.


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