Ready, Set…

We now have all of our main materials for our first year of homeschooling.  We will be using Sonlight’s P 4/5, Horizons Math K, All About Reading 1 and Peterson Directed Handwriting.   We also have other odds and ends that we hope to use throughout the year.

Sonlight is a literature based curriculum that uses living books instead of dry textbooks.  It’s similar to the Charlotte Mason method.  We were really undecided between P 4/5 and Core A for kindergarten but some of the topics in later Cores are a bit difficult for the younger kids.  A common recommendation is to not do Core D before 4th grade so doing P 4/5 for Kinder helps us not reach it too quickly.  Each of their Cores (which include History, Geography, Literature and Bible) cover a range of ages rather than a grade level and I’ve seen many recommendations that the comprehension is often better when the kids are in the middle to high end of the age range.  So, that’s anther reason that we’re saving Core A for 1st grade.  Sure, she might be able to do it in Kinder but she’ll get more out of it in 1st.  With Sonlight, skill based subjects such as math, science and language arts are separate.

I was hoping to officially start the year in the summer while it’s so hot and then take longer breaks when the weather cools.  But with the move time has gotten away from us.  Now, I think we’ll start around the middle of August.



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